HGH AirOne

In A medical emergency, ask the responders to

"Transport Me By MedX AirOne"

Our Partners

Our helicopters transport patients either directly from the hospital or from the scene of an accident. Because we fly straight to the helipad at the receiving hospital, we bypass the need (and added expense) for ground transportation to and from the airport. This saves precious time for patients and increases survival rates. Our average flight time to hospitals in Salt Lake City is 90 minutes. Reno hospitals are 105 minutes away, while Boise hospitals can be reached in just 70 minutes. Saving time means saving heart muscle, brain tissue, and organ function. Truly, time is of the essence!

WBRH AirOne is stationed in White Pine County. 

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Elko AirOne

HGH AirOne is stationed at Humboldt General Hospital. 


We partner with various organizations to ensure this critical service is able to serve all residents in the above mentioned five counties. Learn more about these organizations below.

Questions: +1.775.751.5458

NAAMTA Accreditation

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NAAMTA is the new accreditation standard bearer for the medical transport industry, offering procedures that include guidelines for developing a quality management system focusing on transport safety, patient care, and continuous improvement.

Learn more at www.nnaamta.com

The Northern Nevada EMS Consortium (NNEMSC), is a non-profit organization with the mission to support Northern Nevadans who utilize emergency air medical services, support rural Fire, EMS, and rural Health Systems in Northern Nevada. They support MedX AirOne to ensure services. 

Learn more at www.nnemsc.org

Elko AirOne is stationed at Northeastern Nevada Regional Hospital. 

Northern Nevada EMS Consortium

Our services

Communications Center: +1.844.771.4955 

No permanent resident of Elko, Humboldt, Pershing, Eureka, White Pine or Lander Counties will pay out-of-pocket expenses for transport onboard MedX AirOne aircrafts.

Billing: +1.800.347.0881 x7021

In addition to saving lives, we also aim to save patients money. The last thing you need during such a vulnerable time in your life is to receive an astronomical bill for emergency transportation. That is why we have made the following commitment:

If you have insurance coverage, then we will accept the reimbursement from your insurance carrier as payment in full. If you don’t have insurance, we still won’t send you a bill. Several organizations have made charitable donations to the Northern Nevada EMS Consortium, and thanks to their generosity, your flight on MedX AirOne aircrafts will be covered. In fact, just by living in the above mentioned Counties, you automatically have a membership with MedX AirOne. And members will not receive a balance bill.

As a note to local businesses and employers, MedX AirOne can save you money too. We have negotiated contracts with most of the regional insurance providers, including Hometown Health, Blue Cross/Blue Shield and Cigna. We are now considered an in-network flight service with these carriers. This means that if one of your employees is transported on a MedX AirOne aircraft, the cost to your insurance company will be much lower than if an out-of-network flight service is utilized. And, of course, lower charges to your insurance company translate to lower premiums paid by you.

We intend to stay in these communities for the long haul, keeping costs low, transport times short, and safety standards sky high.