Why Did We Form MedX AirOne?
MedX AirOne was approached to come to many Northern Nevada Counties after seeing the very high bills residents who did not have air medical memberships were receiving, or had memberships to other programs but were still receiving balanced bills. Some bills were up to $100,000 for an air medical transport.  

There are various flight services operating in Northern Nevada that are offering memberships, but you must pay a fee or deduction from your paycheck and no guarantee that your total bill will be covered if your insurance company denies your claim. With MedX AirOne, you do not need to have a membership, experiencing payroll deduction or fighting for payment. With MedX AirOne, all permanent residents of Humboldt, Pershing, Lander, Eureka, White Pine and Elko Counties have a membership through generous local donations. Even if you choose to pay for other membership programs, you can still be transported with MedX AirOne with no worries or obligations for unruly bills and additional out-of-pocket expenses. The point is whether you have other air membership programs or not, you will not receive a bill for the flight with MedX AirOne.  

Why Is It Important That MedX Airone is In-Network With Insurance Providers?
MedX AirOne is an in-network provider to major insurance companies like Cigna, HomeTown Health, Anthem and BCBS, accepting that reimbursement as payment in full.  No other air provider in our market has agreed to participate with the major insurance companies. It is equally important to be an in-network provider with your insurance carrier as it helps your employer pay less in insurance costs!

Can We Pick You Up From The Scene Of An Accident?
With our three helicopters and NEW airplane in the fleet, we fly to scenes and provide "pad to pad" service savings hours of transport time, and you money for ground transport. Because MedX AirOne flys directly from the hospital pad to the receiving hospital pad, flight time is shortened by hours and there are no ground ambulance transports or charges passed to the patient, which avoids additional charges to you, the patient. With our two hospital based helicopters, we provide ''pad to pad'' service saving hours of transport time from Northern Nevada hospitals to Salt Lake, Reno, and Boise Medical facilities. Access to three helicopters and now an additional airplane allows total coverage of Northern Nevada territory with back-up capacity. Just ask the emergency responders to “Transport You by MedX AirOne” and we will come get you.

No Insurance? You Will Not Receive A Bill From Us.
Other medical transport companies will bill you if you have no insurance (could cost up to $100,000 or more!) or after the insurance has paid a portion. We will not bill you after the fact. In some cases, with other memberships, if your insurance company deems your transport was not medically necessary, you could still receive a bill. This is not the case with MedX AirOne.

What Is The Coverage Area for MedX AirOne?
Med AirOne is a system, we have a aircraft based in Winnemucca and Elko and additional backups if needed. We can fly you to SLC/RENO/BOISE/TWIN FALLS/ and with the airplane we can go anywhere in the USA.

Helicopters Make Me Nervous, Can I Take An Airplane?
Yes, you can always go on the airplane but helicopters are very safe.

If A flight Is Not Medically Necessary, Will I Get A Bill From MedX AirOne?
No, you will not receive an additional bill from MedX AirOne.

In A medical emergency, ask the responders to

"Transport Me By MedX AirOne"

Billing: +1.800.347.0881 x7021

Questions: +1.775.751.5458

Communications Center: +1.844.771.4955 

Confused About Air Medical Transports?